Рудплан - Вашиот партнер во рударскиот бизнис

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Rudplan is built on the expertise of our people with experience in mining, mine geotechnical, geology, and environment.

The experience of these professional people accumulates to many years of mining know-how across Macedonia.

Originally mandated to provide all phases of mining, mineral processing and engineering services, Rudplan's expertise has grown to include the environmental sector, and operations management.

Rudplan offers clients a wide range of technical and engineering services for any project size. Rudplan involvement can occur at any time throughout the project life-cycle from exploration or conceptual and feasibility stage to the development of facility closure strategies.

Rudplan's team consists of a talented and experienced staff of engineers, technicians and project management personnel with extensive experience. Independent of the project scope, Rudplan's management provides the project management staff with the autonomy and resources to serve the client in the most effective manner. Additionally, Rudplan's philosophy emphasises client participation in all phases of a project in order to ensure client satisfaction.

Our services are designed to add valuable benefits by offering:

  • reassurance – our consultants are fully trained in the latest mining technology
  • peace of mind – the professionals you hire are leaders in their field
  • practicality - solutions which offer real benefits at a study or operational level