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Drilling and Blasting PDF Print E-mail

Adequate rock fragmentation is one of the most important parameters affecting the productivity and ore extraction costs in a mine. Blast hole drill patterns have to be optimized and suited to the geological and structural properties of the rock. In order to avoid excessive levels of vibration and noise, the drilling and blasting procedures have to be adapted to the characteristics of the ore body.

Through the extensive experience that Rudplan has acquired in a number of projects, technical assistance provides a very efficient tool for reducing operating costs.


  • Drilling and Blasting Patterns
  • Evaluation of Equipment and Material Requirements
  • Vibration Control
  • Type of Explosives
  • Review and Validation of Blasting Procedures
  • Design of Drilling and Blasting Procedures
  • Cost Evaluations
  • Manning and Training
  • Audits of drilling and blasting practices